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Hi Gallitos!

  Starting on July 21st, we will be CLOSING OUR DINING ROOM for at least 2 weeks due to the overwhelming

situation in our beautiful Valley. We will continue doing CURBSIDE SERVICE (mask is still required). 

This is an extremely stressful decision for us, and one that will probably have a huge financial impact on our business. 

We thought about it for weeks; but unfortunately, as long as there are a lot of dine-in options available,

most people are choosing to sit down. It is understandable: it is less of a hassle. Things would be way simpler

if our government gave the clear direction to close every dining room.

After seeing the rise in cases continue week after week, we have decided to try and do our small part. 

Please, let’s not judge the businesses that choose to stay open. Being responsible for the income of many families

is more stressful than you can imagine. You can help businesses by choosing their takeout/curbside option every

time you buy from them. If the data shows that the public is asking for takeout all of the time, the decision becomes

a no brainer.

Thank you so much for your support and kind messages. You lift our spirits with every word of encouragement

you send our way and with every purchase you make.

We will be forever grateful.



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